Chapter Web Page Policy
for the Posting of Regional Information
On the Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. Web Site

Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. has space available on the COChapters website for additional content from chapters of our network. 

bullet Chapter content may be posted by any duly affiliated chapter or local Contemplative Outreach group. Eligible groups are chapters running standard Contemplative Outreach programs.
bullet The chapter must have a local webpage contact who would be responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the information to insure that it does not become outdated.

Suggested content; all relevant to Centering Prayer

bullet Standard Contemplative Outreach offerings
bullet An event presented by a member of the Contemplative Outreach Faculty
bullet Special presentations by Fr. Thomas Keating
bullet Local meeting times and dates
bullet Local news
bullet Local Retreats
bullet Registration information/forms
bullet Officers and contacts
bullet The local groups will be responsible for and hopefully active in encouraging and promoting Website visitation.
bullet The local webpage contact person will work with the Web Committee to expand local web utilization, i.e.: conference pre-registration via the Web.


All material should be sent to via e-mail to the .  Following are the charges associated with web posting:

Activity Cost Responsible for Payment
Posting web ready pages $75.00/hr Chapter
Creating Web Pages $75.00/hr Chapter
Chapter Webpage Updates $75.00/hr Chapter
Link from Contacts and Events page to a chapter website No Charge

The Webmaster will refer all requests which do not meet posting standards to the President of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. or designee for review.